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Journal of  Classroom Action Research  (JCAR)   first launching is published in February 2022 by a professional organization, founded by English Lecturers and Teachers Association (ELTA)  Medan- Indonesia

       ELTA has its own Mission : as Professional Organization of English Lecturers and Teachers who are highly dedicated, dignified and competent in carrying out teaching, research on  ELT ,Linguistics and community dedication  which is implied and publish in JCAR  Publication Journal  

    Journal of  Classroom Action Research  (JCAR) is a double blind peer review journal, published twice a year ,publish  in February  and August .This  Journal  is legally and formally is formed by the letter of the leader of ELTA  Medan- Indonesia Decree no : 08-/Elta/2/VII/2021, dated at 2st June 2021.  It presents  articles on the research of English  language Teaching , specifically in class Action Research which is mostly done by teachers, as a requirement to elevate their level. JCAR also written by ELTAs member,  ELTAs sympathizers and other researchers

             Journal of  Classroom Action Research  (JCAR)  principals aim is to help English Lecturers and Teachers to publish disseminate theory, research result of English Language Teaching research, reviews by the academic community of ELTAs, reviews by other linguist in Indonesia or abroad, and to provide a channel for discussion. The views expressed here   do not necessarily those of the Editorial Board. 

  In Indonesia, English as a foreign language, so the journal of English is quite a few. Its overriding objective is to provide a forum for scholars and practitioners, English Lecturers and Teachers  within any of the various subspecialties of the ELT and class action research to address a broad cross-section of the profession. Appropriates subject include : not limited to, the dissemination of well –conceived analysis, studies, about report of class action research, is most welcome than any other  as long as the  topic is of general interest in teaching English research.








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Vol. 3 No. 1 (2024): February, 2024
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